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For more information, visit http://regions.gadz.org/ .

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Geographic & Regional Groups

As in France or in overseas territories, the Gadzarts residing abroad are found in groups by country or by regions within a country when the territory or the number of people requires it (the United States, for example).
Usability within these groups is the best antidote to prevent the nostalgia of geographical distance.

You are considering expatriation, members of the "Action Internationale" team are available to facilitate your integration into the regional group in your host country.

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Professional Groups

Although far from France, according to his professional activity, each member has the opportunity to enroll in one or more Professional Groups (GP).

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Practical Information about Expatriation

Professional or voluntary, temporary or long term or permanent, expatration involves specific steps.

To help you before your departure, during your expatriation and before your return to France, we offer a series of information factsheets to help you avoid the biggest disappointments.

A career, totally or partially abroad, is a truly personal project. You must manage it for the goals you set during and after your professional life, not to mention your family situation.

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To that expatriation is not an adventure, the future expatriate must learn all aspects of its work and family life in his country of election.
These information sheets can save valuable time during the preparatory phase before departure and meet the key issues that arise.

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