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Welcome on the Web site of the “Société des Ingénieurs Arts-et Métiers” (28 000 former students) dedicated to International Networking. The information which you will find is there intended to facilitate your moving and setting-up abroad.

If you are Gadzarts, and wish to emigrate to pursue your professional career, or if you if you are preparing a journey abroad for professional or leisure purposes, or if you are looking for an exiled companion, this site is the ideal place where you can find help and spare time in the preparation and the organization of your project.


If you are a student at the ENSAM (called "Grande Ecole", Institute of Technology for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate education), Arts-et-Métiers ParisTech, and you are preparing your training abroad, or wanting to pursue your studies outside of France or to begin your career abroad, you will find numerous practical advices to make a success of your first big international experience.


The know-how and the international experiences of Arts-et-Métiers engineers are put to the service of your international projects.

"International" means to discover other people and other cultures. Our goal is to help you there.


Enjoy your visit! 

“Gadzariquement” yours,

The International Action Team


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